May 28, 2020



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Bankstown North PS Canteen Menu 2018

Bankstown North PS Daily Specials

The school canteen operates five days a week for morning tea and lunch.  It is also open before the 9am bell to buy healthy snacks only.  Parents can place a weekly order for their child by filling in the form available from the canteen.  Weekly specials are also available and will be advertised on their noticeboard.

A canteen price list is placed in the school newsletter at the start of each year. Lunch orders should be written on the front of a paper bag with the correct money placed inside and taken to the canteen before the start of the school day. Lunches are delivered to the classroom at the start of lunchtime. Lunch is then eaten inside the classroom and supervised by the class teacher. Students who wish to purchase from the canteen at morning tea do so directly from the canteen.