April 7, 2020

Parent Participation

There are many opportunities for parent and family members to be involved with the school and their children’s education. Through the newsletters, parents are invited to attend and often assist in the following:

School events:

  • Assemblies
  • Athletics Carnival
  • Book Covering
  • Cross Country
  • Education week
  • Educational Information Sessions
  • Grandparent Day
  • Meet-the-Teacher
  • One-off school events
  • P & C Fund Raising Activities
  • Parent – Teacher Interviews
  • School Concert
  • Swimming Carnival

There is a playgroup that operates at the school on Monday and Tuesday mornings from 9.00-11.00am. Parents and toddlers are welcome.  This is a good way to prepare your toddler for starting ‘big’ school.

Please use the links below where you’ll find some useful information that could assist you.