April 7, 2020

Best Start

Bankstown North Public School has been implementing the Best Start Program since 2010. Best Start is a tool that allows teachers to assess the knowledge the students have before they begin school. With this information the teachers are able to build on each student’s current knowledge and experiences and develop quality teaching and learning programs. During the first weeks of school your child will complete the Best Start assessment. Once all the assessment are completed you will receive a report outlining your child’s results and strategies that you can use at home to further develop your child’s knowledge and experiences in literacy and numeracy.

Best Start has been incorporated across all classes in K-2 and students are now being individually tracked across all areas of literacy and numeracy.  Individual data updated every 5 weeks and tracked each term, so that teachers can highlight students strengths and weaknesses and plan appropriate programs for all students.  At the beginning of each term, the spread sheet is looked at teacher meetings and any weaknesses are addressed in class programs throughout the following term.

Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 have been working heavily with our Best Start coordinators over the past couple of  years. Our consultants have demonstrated how to incorporate Best Start aspects into guided reading programs via demonstration lessons and team teaching.  We have also had a focus on numeracy and our coordinators have completed demonstration lessons in differentiating numeracy lessons to cater for all students.  Our focus is on improving our students writing ability through explicit teaching of best start markers.

Parent Guides

Best Start – Literacy Assessment

Best Start – Numeracy Assessment