April 5, 2020

Learning and Support Teachers (LaST)

The Learning and Support Team (LaST) is a whole school planning and support system. It addresses the  learning support needs of students through the co-ordination, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of educational programs. The main function of our LaST team is to ensure that the needs of all students in the school are being met. The LaST team meet to discuss new referrals and review how progress is being made by students requiring support. Before students are referred to the LaST team, the class teacher applies certain processes in the classroom to ensure behavioural, social and academic expectations are being met. The LaST team discusses any referral and determines appropriate support. This is reviewed regularly by all parties involved ensuring students’ needs are continually met.

Other specialist personnel – eg: the school-employed speech pathologist, school counsellor, parents and caregivers can be invited to attend meetings as necessary.