April 7, 2020


The Student Representative Council at Bankstown North Public school is formed by a group of students from years 2-6 who are elected by their fellow students.  Two students from each class are elected in Term 1.

The main role of the SRC is to represent all students in the school and organise ways for students to effectively contribute to the school in positive and productive ways.

The SRC also work closely with the P & C Committee in fundraising initiatives to help raise money for the school and charities.  We are pleased to announce the 2020 SRC team:

1/2 Green

Ateeb K
Ye’ Min h

2 Blue

Osman R
Amar E

2 Red

Mariam H
Malek A

3 Red

Ammaar I
Zahra U

3 Yellow

Maryam Z
Zain M

4 Blue

Amy A
Khaled A

4/5 Green

Mariam H
Thuy V

5 Red

Aliza K
Muneeb A

5/6 Yellow

Noah E
Davina L

6 Blue

Khaled A
Isabelle A


Romano A
Amara M

 Vice Captains

Jewel D
Hiba A


Nariman E
Suzanne A